Being Faithful to Your Future SpouseCD

A one hour teaching summarizing the book Being Faithful to Your Future Spouse. There isn't anything said that would violate a child's moral innocence in this teaching. Everyone in your family of any age can listen to this. In fact, I recommend that your entire family does listen to this!

My Sixteen Year-Old Son

Same information as My Sixteen Year-Old Daughter, but I use different pronouns to be male specific..

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Parenting for Purity

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Being Faithful to Your Future Spouse

Most of the boyfriend/girlfriend relationships we see today do not match the type of relationship needed to translate into a successful marriage. Those relationships are usually not created for the right purpose, nor do they contain the right preparation or practice. In fact, the way that dating is commonly conducted today is divorce practice. A major contradiction found in those relationships is faithfulness.

Faithfulness is the lifetime commitment to remain emotionally and physically devoted to only one person and is one of the requirements of marriage that should be practiced prior to entering into it. A person should be faithful to their future spouse both before and after they meet their spouse.

Parenting for Purity

The New and Improved 2nd Edition is Now Availiable


The grievous tragedy is, the Christian community is no different than the world:  half of all marriages end in divorce. Parents today must be acutely aware of this danger to their children and know how to protect their children from that danger.

Why these serious and astonishing percentages? The most common reason there is so much failure in marriage is because of the unbiblical relationships people engage in prior to marriage. Harmful beliefs concerning male/female relationship issues are being taught to our children at early ages. Children are being programmed to travel down a lifelong road of sexual immorality and, in many cases, divorce.

Therefore, parents must begin to counteract these teachings by discipling the truth about opposite sex relationships also at an early age.  Parents can use their influence to save their children from broken hearts, emotional scarring, and divorce that often arises from wordily relationships.

Parenting for Purity gives parents practical, step-by-step instructions to help teach children the following:

· What is true love?
· What does the bible consider to be sexually immoral and how do I teach my child to avoid it?
· How does my child choose a mate?
· Whose responsibility is it to bring two people together?
· What is God's purpose for being single?.

My Sixteen Year-Old Daughter SPM 104 $6.00
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My Sixteen Year-Old Daughter

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What's a Girl to Do?

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My Sixteen Year-Old Son

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My Sixteen Year-Old Son booklet SPM 105 $6.00

God's Method of Choosing a Mate

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God's Method of Choosing a Mate

The second most important decision someone will ever make is whom they choose to marry. Whether consciously, or not, everyone uses a certain criteria for making that choice. Long before a person decides whom they are going to marry it is best to decide what method they are going to use to make that choice. The Bible has a lot to say on this subject.

The earlier in life the biblical method of choosing whom to marry is used the more protection and blessing a person can receive. This decision has a dramatic impact on how a person lives their life even at early ages. Out of all the different methods people use to choose their spouse there is only one biblically based method that contributes mightily to the success of a marriage and doesn’t violate other scriptural directives.

  • When does a person have to be concerned about whom they will marry?
  • “You’re not responsible for finding your mate, just for recognizing who they are.”
Being Faithful to Your Future Spouse CD SPM 107 $7.00
Relationships God's Way booklet SPM 114 $7.00

Finding Love in All the Right Places

How Will I Know When I Am In Love?

One of the most commonly asked questions throughout history is, “How will I know when I am in love?” The typical response to that question is, “You’ll just know.” That is a frustrating and inappropriate answer to such a crucial question. The reason some people are unsure about their love relationship with another person is because that same uncertainty exists about their relationship with God. There is always a connection between our relationship with God and with other people. When you seek a biblically correct relationship with God, beginning first of all with believing He loves you, then all other relationships will fall into place. As Christians we should all have a clear and biblical understanding of what love is and what it isn’t.

I Need to be Loved

God has designed each of us with the need to be loved, so there is nothing wrong with having that need. His intention was that, first and foremost, we would fill that need with Him. There is, however, a danger involved when we misuse that desire for love and try to fulfill that inner need in the incorrect way. If we do not fulfill that need the way God intended, we will find ourselves looking for love in all the wrong places.

Some people attempt to fill that void with romantic relationships that are not ordained of God. They try to substitute the need to be loved by God through emotional or physical intimacy with other people. While there may be some satisfaction in those relationships for a while, they will ultimately fall short of truly meeting that basic need.  Those who do this will often find themselves in relationships that they wouldn’t have otherwise chosen, at a cost higher than they ever imagined.

Teaching CD's

Relationships God's Way

Are you on the road to blessings or heartache?

Following God's plan will lead to blessings, while the world's way leads to destruction.

A concise overview of God's plan for biblical relationships with the opposite gender.Written for tween's and teens in a way the will not violate a child's moral innocence.

Parenting for Purity Chapter CD

Parenting for Purity Chapter CD
This is taken from the Parenting for Purity chapter in the book. It is designed to encourage parents to use the Biblical standard. It contains the four common mistakes parents make in teaching purity.

Being Faithful to Your Future Spouse
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Parenting for Purity

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Parenting for Purity Chapter CD
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Relationships God's Way

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Being Faithful to Your Future Spouse CD

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My Sixteen Year Old Daughter

The Parenting for Purity book covers what to teach from any early age, but what do you do if you missed those years, for whatever reason, and now have problems that seem to surface at the age of sixteen. How to talk to your daughter about godly opposite sex relationships.  A series of questions help guide the conversation, such as:  Does your future mate already exist?  What would your future mate think about what you are doing right now?

$1.00 Test

Finding Love in All the Right Places

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Ministering to Parents, Youth and Single Adults  about Godly opposite gender relationships

What's a Girl to Do?

What’s a Girl to Do is a book for girls preteen and up. It is a moderated version of Relationships God’s Way, discussing biblical relationships in a non-graphic manner. It answers questions about:

 God’s Plan for Your Life

 Romance God’s Way

 Being Faithful



 Companionship of Media

 True Beauty

 Relationship with Parents

 Relationship with God

Lisa Houck has taught on Godly relationships for over 26 years. She has been married for 25 years and homeschools her 3 daughters, ages 20, 16, and 8