Who Should Attend?

This conference for parents, teens, single adults, grandparents!

I encourage parent to bring their children with them so they can hear the message at the same time.

Parents often ask if they can bring their younger children...while the level of the teaching is high school to adult, mature Jr. High age should be able to follow along. Younger children are welcome as long as they are able to sit quietly and not disturb others. There is nothing that will be taught that your younger children shouldn't hear; I will not say anything that will violate a child’s moral innocence.

Location :


Meeting starts promptly at 9am and lasts until 12:00 pm.

There will be light refreshments provided.

Please note: we are unable to provide child care at this time.


Admission is free. There will however, be a freewill offering taken.

To Register:

Email us at parentingforpurity@gmail.com

Please give us your name and the number of people you will be bringing.

Any questions, email us at parentingforpurity@gmail.com

Ministering to Parents, Youth and Single Adults  about Godly opposite gender relationships

Session One:

Finding Love in All the Right Places

How will I know when I am in love?

Since God has designed each of us with the need to be loved, there is nothing wrong with that need. There is, however, a danger involved when we misuse that desire and try to fulfill that innate need in the wrong way. If we do not fulfill that need the way God intended, we will find ourselves looking for love in all the wrong places.

Many look to romantic relationships as a means to fulfilling that deep need to be loved. They foolishly put their confidence in emotional or physical intimacy as the only avenue of fulfilling that need to be loved. While there may be some satisfaction in those relationships for a while, they will ultimately fall short of truly meeting that basic need.  Those who do this will often find themselves in relationships that they wouldn’t have otherwise chosen, at a cost higher than they ever imagined.

New Location and Date

to be Determined

Three Sessions with 10 min. breaks in between.

Admission is free, however there will be a freewill offering taken.

Email your registration to parentingforpurity@gmail.com

Please give us your name and the number of people you will be bringing.

Registration will remain open throughout the event. Please come no matter how late you register. You may or may not receive an email conformation at this point.  Please feel free to come without that conformation!

Session Two:

There is More to Purity than Physical Abstinence

Abstinence teachings only take you so far. Learn how to have emotional purity that will impact your whole life.

Purity is much more than avoiding the final act while ignoring the different types of beliefs and  behaviors that lead to that act.
Purity prevents immorality from taking place because it catches it at its early stages.
It teaches what a person can do to not even get close to stepping on the path of immorality.
Purity teaches us how, and why to avoid immorality.

Emotional purity is an often overlooked aspect of purity. It is important because misplaced emotions are what lead to physical immorality. If we merely attempt to adhere to the boundaries concerning physical acts and not follow those created for emotional involvement, a person is setting themselves up for failure. Once the emotional boundaries are crossed, going across the physical boundaries will likely follow. Physical purity always starts with emotional purity. If a person never violates the emotional boundary of purity he/she will never violate the physical boundary.

Too many people shy away from learning more about purity because of misconceptions they have about this subject. It is often those misconceptions that discourage people from learning all there is to learn about purity.

Here are some of the misconceptions about purity.          

Abstinence is the entire message of purity.
Arbitrary restrictions God makes up to ruin a person’s fun.
Difficult rules He makes to test our loyalties.

Session Three:

Being Faithful to Your Future Spouse

Most of the boyfriend/girlfriend relationships we see today do not match the type of relationship needed to translate into a successful marriage. Those relationships are usually not created for the right purpose, nor do they contain the right kind of preparation or practice. Going from these types of relationships into a marriage relationship is extremely difficult. As a result of this inconsistency, there ends up being a lot of repair work that needs to be done after the marriage ceremony. If a person really loves his/her future spouse, then certainly that person would not want to conduct any relationships prior to marriage in a way that would cause them problems after their wedding.

A major contradiction found in those inconsistent relationships is faithfulness. Faithfulness is the lifetime commitment to remain emotionally and physically devoted to only one person and is one of the requirements of marriage that should be practiced prior to entering it.

Under a worldly standard, it really doesn’t matter how many boyfriends/girlfriends a person has before he/she gets married. But the truth is, having a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with someone you will never marry is contrary to being faithful to the one you will eventually marry. Why?

·         Because you are giving away pieces of your heart.

·         Creating memories from emotional and physical attachments.

These can become baggage to be carried into a marriage. For this reason a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship should be reserved only for a person’s future spouse.